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Celebrity Philanthropy


We design initiatives that encourage innovation

by celebrating the world’s most successful changemakers


Prizes, awards, and special recognitions are some of the most flexible ways to raise visibility of causes that you care about, and to honor and encourage excellence in innovation, leadership, or  performance in your chosen area of philanthropic focus.

There are few limits to how prizes awards, and special recognitions can be connected to ideas, events, and  ideals.

Creativity in designing and structuring a prize represents a major opportunity to ensure that the prize carries appropriate meaning and symbolic value.

Prizes, awards, and special recognitions can generate major media attention,

carrying monetary value that far exceeds the amount spent on the program itself.

Special events can also challenge others to become involved, and raise contributions from others.


Recognition prizes serve as a way to bring more attention and visibility to people, practices, and institutions that you care about. They can also serve as a way to get to know these leaders better, as few reject being recognized by a prize. Examples: The Nobel Peace Prize; The Mo Ibrahim Prize for Good Governance in Africa


Challenge prizes recognize those who are able to deliver best-in class solutions to problems. These prizes incentivize new action and approaches that might not otherwise happen. Examples: the XPRIZE, Clay Mathematics Prize

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