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The Pains of Philanthropy -

and How We Help 


We have extensive experience in serving the wealthiest families and individuals across the world – including major benefactors and signatories of the Giving Pledge. We understand the passion with which some of the world’s most powerful and successful individuals approach their philanthropy, and the many challenges they encounter along the way. We know that our clients have very specific requirements that require bespoke services.


We help our clients reach a sweet spot where generosity feels organic, where giving their time, talents and treasures not only makes the world a better place, but also brings them joy, and fulfills their deepest needs.

Pains of Philanthropy

“I’m not sure what to do.”

Don't know what. Do you feel that you have a philanthropic calling, but simply do not know what exactly you want to do? Have you been giving to a wide range of causes and receiving a relentless stream of fundraising requests? Are these causes truly aligned with your deepest values, hopes and dreams? 


“I am not ready.”

Don't know when and how. Do you have a vision for your philanthropy, but aren't quite sure how to execute it? Are you still intricately involved in running your businesses, and have no bandwidth to do as Bill Gates has (i.e. leave Microsoft and focus completely on charity work)?  We help you plan your philanthropy, tell you the do's and don'ts, and show you how you can be more effective while doing something meaningful to you. 

“My efforts are not recognized.”

Lack of visibility. Have you launched a project that no one has heard about? Are you avoiding publicity so that people won't doubt your sincerity? A common misconception is that the desire for visibility is simply born out of ego. Over and beyond any satisfaction that public recognition may bring, the visibility of a philanthropic project enhances its potential for impact by fostering accountability towards achieving the desired objectives, and attracting collaborators and supporters.

“I don’t know whom to trust.”

Leadership & connectivity issues. Do you have a bold and ambitious idea, but have difficulty finding the right people who can execute with skill and dedication? Do you wonder how to sort through the jungle of civil society and find truly credible, trustworthy, experienced partners who are not going to take you for a ride? We can help you connect to the right people, and in some cases act as your executive search firm to find the best talent. 

“My family does not agree with me.”

Family issues.  As your family’s wealth is passed from one generation to the next, are you prepared to address the hard questions that arise? How will the new generation ensure that the your original intent is not lost? Do your children even have an interest in family philanthropy? If you have inherited or are inheriting a foundation, what can you do to uphold your family's legacy? 

“I am drained.”

Disillusionment and lack of fulfillment. Your initial impulse to give may have been motivated by pure intentions – but surely at some point you have become jaded by giving. Beneficiaries are sometimes ungrateful and have a sense of entitlement; you feel no affinity with the causes you support; solicitations do not stop; and you find no of opportunities that allow you to directly experience the positive outcomes of your generosity.

“The money is not going as far as it should.”

Lack of impact. The nonprofit sector is filled with waste and duplication. Think of any cause and chances are that multiple organizations with roughly the same mission and approach are tackling it, wasting a lot of effort, time, and money in the process. Have you been giving generously, but nevertheless feel that your efforts are not producing  the impact that you wish to see?

"Philanthropy services cost too much"

This is generally true! In our opinion, a lot of philanthropy costs too much because things are not set up to be efficient and effective to start with.  While our services may seem expensive to the uninitiated, those who work with us know they cannot pursue daring goals if the obsession is to simply keep overhead low. We do things right, and make your philanthropy go further, faster, and more efficiently, and this saves real money, well in excess of our professional fees. 

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