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Because we know givers like no one else

DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS is Saint Partners' fundraising advisory service. This exclusive service is born out of our keen understanding of major benefactors and other givers, and our distinctive experience of being on the donor's side of the donor-fundraiser equation.  We have a keen understanding of what makes people fund certain causes over others, the great responsibilities that come with wealth, and the many factors that motivate giving. With the same dedication and rigor that has garnered us a notable clientele, we can help your cause gain more support. Let your benefactors experience their giving to your organization as one of the most fulfilling experiences of their lives.

Ideal clients are: 

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. We help organizations with a philanthropic intent attract supporters/investors and have an even greater positive and transformative effect on society.

CELEBRITY FOUNDATIONS. We help organizations backed by notable personalities in film, music, sports, business, the arts, and royalty leverage their social capital for social good through events, publicity campaigns and other platforms.

Process and fees: 

We believe in working closely with you and your team as co-creators. Effective fundraising requires brutally honest conversations, collaborative planning, and a great deal of resourcefulness. While working with you, we wear multiple hats: strategy consultants, career counselors, sparring partners, event planners and coaches.

Our services are ideal for organizations that desire long-term collaborative relationships with their benefactors, and where the scale of external leverage desired is above $1m. We have extensive experience with campaign design, and serve our clients in the retention and management of appropriate fundraising professionals. 

Each client usually starts out with a half-day workshop or Blueprint (business plan), and avails of other services as needed. Every service for each and every client is bespoke. Fees begin at $12,500 per workshop. 

Contact us at for details on what your own unique process would look like, and our fees and Standard Terms of Business. Let us show you what is possible. 

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