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At Saint Partners, we believe in working closely with you and your team as co-creators. Effective and meaningful philanthropy requires candid conversations, collaborative planning, complex problem-solving, and calculated risk-taking.


While working with you, we wear multiple hats: strategy consultants, family counselors, brutally honest coaches, personal branding advisors, negotiators, connectors, event planners, and all-around advocates for you and your cause.

Essentially, we are a multi-family office focused specifically on managing, representing, and advising high net worth individuals and public figures on their philanthropy. 


We help you with the what, when, how and why of your philanthropy. In an environment marked by trust, we encourage you to be honest about your deepest motivations and aspirations. We meet your family members, close friends and trusted associates. Only when we know that we have an intricate understanding of who you are and what you really want do we proceed to the next step: how do we make it happen?


  • the blueprint

  • the legacy

  • the spiritual philanthropist

  • fundraising 2.0


We help you create, implement, and review your philanthropic projects. In every step we help you make more effective use of your resources, mitigate risks, and find more opportunities to directly experience the results of your good work.


We lead you beyond feel-good philanthropy, but we also make sure you feel good about what you are doing. 


  • the big ticket

  • the reboot

  • the project incubator

  • the art of giving

  • the engaged board

  • philanthropy & the law 


We help bring visibility to your philanthropic efforts and help you leverage the power of media for social change. We do this through designing your brand identity, special events, charity fundraisers and galas, competitions and prizes; and identifying partnerships, champions and ambassadors. 

We don’t think that branding and visibility for their own sake are useful. But we certainly don’t think that your philanthropy, without amplification, can be very sustainable.


  • the convenor

  • the celebrity activist

  • lights, camera, action!

  • the prize

  • the gala

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